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We are a family-run team of property developers, based in Hertfordshire. Our service is personal, and our mission is ethical. We don’t believe in stark, unsightly buildings that look out of place but make a quick buck.


We’re designers at heart, so high quality is of the utmost importance; we don’t cut corners. We believe in revival and restoration. We believe in creating something in-keeping with its environment, but we’re not afraid to push the boundaries on what that is. Design should excite. It should be functional, yes, but also truly beautiful.

Chris and Andrew Andreas – an interior designer and a business driven partner with brains for construction. Together, with years of experience in the property development field, we take on projects from design concepts through to final product. But we don’t work alone. We have a team of people that we collaborate with that includes Planning Consultants, Architects, Contractors, Suppliers and Marketing Agents.


We take a lot of pride in the quality of our finishes. See our Gallery for a glimpse of our work.

Chris Andreas

Developer & Interior Designer


Andrew Andreas

Developer & Business partner


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If you are after a bespoke project or simply consultancy services, we welcome you to get in touch with Andrew by email

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